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St Valentine's Day


Valentines Day

On the magical day dedicated to love, find out fantastic gift ideas for your lover. If not, why not check out the flowers and roses section for Valentine's Day so you can select the type and best number of flowers to give her.


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A Bit Of Information

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th yearly and is a day long associated with love and romance. It was named after Saint Valentine who was a priest that performed marriages for young lovers in secret when marriage was outlawed by Emperor Claudius II.

Valentine's Day is usually celebrated through giving presents such as flowers (particularly red roses), greeting cards, chocolates, etc to one's beloved. It is also accompanied by fancy dates. However in recent times, it is often criticised by many as an over commercialised affair no thanks to the over aggressive efforts by retailers to promote gift giving. It is also a well known fact that prices of set dinners and flowers are hike up as florists and restaurants capitalise on the occasion.


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