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Falling In Love Poems
My New Man


I have had,
guys in the past.
When I told them bout love,
they were gone way too fast.

This time I was certian,
'guys never change';
but i got with you any way,
awaiting the strange.

It felt different this time,
it's like we had grown;
this relationship was better,
cuz I didn't feel alone.

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In others past,
I was always afraid,
he would leave too fast -
or I would get played.

things had changed,
everything was new,
and I liked it more-
being with you.

But I told myself,
'don't say those 3 words'
and so i waited...
till those 3 I heard.

The night was good,
there were stars in the sky;
the night was lit up,
you looked into my eyes.

You leaned over,
you gave me a kiss
no longer infactuation-
this was pure bliss.

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I knew it was okay,
if I told you now...
but you told me first-
you made that vow.

You leaned over,
you whispered to me
"I'll love you forever"
then i suppose we agree.

I'll love you that long;
that long and a day...
I'll love you for always
I hope you will stay.

I love you so much-
just thought you should know.
I want to live forever
with you as my beau.

I'm not abusing the word,
This time it's for real
you're a boyfriend,
and you're the ideal.

I hope to stay together
I think you already knew
but from now until forever,
I'll swear that I love you.

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