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Love Poems From The Heart
A Valentine For My Heart


Come closer, listen to my heart:
the thumping jumping rhythm
of a mechanical body part.
O humble servant of the body,
butler to the soul
Working without payment
in a death-defying role.
A plump little muscle
'bout the size of my fist
That beat a little faster
when love took its first kiss.

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A silent murmur like the waves
by daytime hours' monotony..
By night with a dear lover
it blooms in all its botany.
Even in the danish winter
days of semi-sad :
The central organ felt with me
whenever i felt bad.
And when illness put me into bed
for many days unwell,
The heart rang out a warning
on the antibody bell.
While learning much
from books at the schools
the red blob of jelly flesh
taught me its emotional rules.
Please, heart! breathe life into
my needy veins,
Until one day the grim reaper
must pull tightly on the reins.

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O insomiac workhorse, secure
encased within my bars of ribs!
Who always knew me better
than they whom i told fibs.
Compadre, amigo, self-sacrificing beauty
a martyr to the process
of upholding your sole duty.
A valentine for you, my dear pal
is this year's sign of caring
written by the body, soul,and mind
in thanks for all your sharing.

By Pleine_Lune

More Love Poems From The Heart Page  [ 1 ]


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