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Marriage Poems
What Marriage Is All About


She needed to be held in your arms,
she needed to feel protected and loved.
For so long you would not hug her,
or touch her lips with your lips.
You seemed to want to be as far
from her as you were able to get,
without leaving and closing the door.

It seemed nothing she did pleased you
it seemed nothing she said was right.
The cooking she did just for you,
but you didn't appreciate her efforts.
It left her feeling like your maid,
that you wished wasn't there at all,
but neither of you had a place to go.

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She withdrew into herself feeling alone,
and so lonely for love once more.
She became acquainted with the Internet
and found friends there with like interests.
Yet she hung in there keeping the vows that
she had made to you many years ago,
taking her commitment seriously.

You withdrew from her and wouldn't
talk to her or tell her how you really felt.
The love you had one time known was
almost gone and your bodies were there,
but your hearts were far from each other.
She didn't know what to do only to pray,
and ask God for his guidance in this.

Then like a miracle from God, things
began to change and you once more
was the man she loved and married.
Not because you two could make love
as you once did, but you became kinder,
more understanding and looked at her
in a different more affectionate way.

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Time and illness has changed the robust
lovers that you once were with each other,
but the deep respect and concern you feel
is even more precious because your love
has endured the ups and downs that life
has produced for you and helped you to learn,
and forever you will live inside her mind.

By Norma Duncan

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