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Let's Talk About Love

Let’s talk about commitment
Examine it some way
Yes let's discuss the L word
Just listen when I say

To love is not an easy thing
It's really hard to do
It's nothing like the movies
Or the music says to you

For love is never perfect
It comes with warts and scars
It's sharing every part of you
No matter who you are.

To love, they used to tell me
Is a strange pain around your heart
That can't be cured by scratching
Or rubbing on your part

To love means always giving
Even if it's not your turn
You just got to be a giver
To get love in return

It mean's respecting others
Even if you think they're wrong
Finding gentle ways to let them know
That you just can't go along

To love sometimes means sacrifice
Of your time, your tears and your mind
Of bringing to the table
Everything that you can find

It means don't sleep with anger
At the closing of the day
But hugging tight and sleeping close
In true loves own sweet way

For love offers us a time and place
Where we are not alone
Where you will always find true love
Is yours and yours alone

Yes, love means choosing someone
To forever more be true
Just knowing in your heart and soul
That someone's true to you

For true love it takes two people
That's a fact both old and true
And one you should remember
When saying I love you

My C word is... committed

By Jollynoblefrog


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