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Deep Love Poems
Falling In Deep Love


Wrap your arms around my heart
Caress each moment we share
You are the stars and moon
My sun shining high
I love you more each minute
Step by step I walk into you
You accept my love
Deep is the ocean
On the shore I wait
Waves wash my thoughts to you
In love I begin this journey
Walk with me
I do not want to walk alone
Hold me close to you
Kiss me and give me your warmth

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Listen to the emotions of dreams
Your heart is full of tenderness
Thoughts feel like a wheel of fortune
Your mind is a gambler of time
You are walking into the light
Mysterious deep red atmosphere
Listen to the breath of time
Close your eyes
Open the chest of love and wonders
Feel the wings around your shoulders
Sweet perfume lies in the air
Hearts call each other
They fall in love
The bride fallows the dreams of hopes

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Take my hand
And we fall in a deep ocean
Of longings
Our feelings walk to the other side
They cross the bridge of fire
Flames of love are getting higher and higher
My wings turn to ashes
This night we are melting to one dream of love
And we across the deep universe
Of never ending love

By Floreann Cawley

More Deep Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]


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