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Sad Poems About Love
A Romeo And His Juliet


A man who loved a woman,
Gazed upon her from afar,
He went to her fathers party,
He gazed upon her with open intent,
She bloomed under his watchful eye,
He crept around the edges of the room,
watching her with a passion,
Then when she retired to the sidelines,
He grasped her hand,
And they spoke,
They gazed deeply into each others eyes,
And found love…

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They met in secret and shared each others comforting presence,
They spoke of love and devotion to one another.
He sang her songs,
He wrote her poems,
He swept her off her dainty feet...
He wrote there names...
In the stars for all to see...
He wanted to show here all the love that,
A man has ever had to offer,
He showed it and more,
He flickered about more than a flaming torch,
He showed her the world through a new perspective,
They both thought it was going to last,
They both thought it was never going to end,

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But it did end,
And it ended in such a tragedy,
The love of poor Romeo for his Juliet,
It ended in heart ache and deep wounds,
Mortal and Incorporeal,
A mistake to behold did occur,
And thus did end the love of one Juliet for her Romeo.

Never was there a more tragic story,
than that of Romeo and his Juliet

More Sad Poems About Love Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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