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Engagement Poems
The Engagement


He was so bold when he charged
Into the jewelry store
With his heart set on a ring
To put around her finger

That would mean his relationship
Was taken to another level
Would his steps bewilder her?
Would she be astonished by his emotions?

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Would he pull off a surprise of her lifetime?
Would she accept his proposal?
First, he will have to ask her father
If he could have, his daughters hand in marriage

He was shaken by that thought
He did not know what to expect
Would her father accept or reject
His quest of his life decision

What a surprise when he found
That ring for his bride to be
One that made her very happy
He thought there relationship

Was so Davine
A match made in heaven
Love to share from heaven above
Please Lord send me someone to love

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I thank the Lord for the girl of my dreams
It’s no surprise to me
That I ask for her hand
Because I always wanted to be her man

By Jimsmith

More Engagement Poems Page  [ 1 ]


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