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First Love Poems
Do Love You


Pretty eyes, curly hair

There's no disguise, I've got to stare


You make me cry, you make me smile

I can't ask why, not for a while

I keep my feelings locked away, so deep inside

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Don't ask if I'll stay, to watch the pretty tide

I'd rather spill a thousand words, but still not tell

Through all the colorful birds, I am not well

Lying here I slip away, watching the clock tick


I think I'll stay, watch the sail of yet another ship

Take away this heart of mine, I'll be waiting

Through all the lonely time, still be anticipating

The three words that hold my love, I can't hide

Through the path of heaven above, I've cried

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Yes, I've cried

Sometimes so hard I can't breathe, I'm still here

There's only one more deed, but the one I fear

I feel I have to tell you, wondering if you're okay

Please let my heart aim true, I cannot miss today

I honestly...

Do love you.

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