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Heartbroken Poems
Heart Broken


Tears flow, first slow, then pour.
I tried so hard, and yet I failed.
Past gone, but still shows its
ugly head, and broken I am,
my face colorless, and pale.

Strength?, just holding on,
to the only One who understands.
I would go under if it wasn't for
Him, who comforts and holds
my hand.

I sit and wait for a phone call,
where I hope to hear
the word, forgiveness.
All I get are cruel words,
that break my heart,
even more than
it is broken now.

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Torment me no more.
Let me be, so I can breathe
forgiveness and relief.

Forgive my mistakes,
I ask so many times,
yet when you're
not sober, you remember,

childhood trauma, from
your dad.

I should have protected you,
but I failed at times.
I should have been stronger,
but weakness was mine.

Many times I wanted to die.

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Now you haul your words,
at me, with vengeance,
and rip my soul apart,
once again.

I plead with God to heal
both of us, forgive
and put the past aside, so
we can once again
live in peace...

Peace, sweet peace,
is what I need.
Peace, sweet peace,
lift me up, above
the words of contentment,
and set me free...

let me be, what you
would want me to be...

Let me forgive myself,
and maybe you will
also forgive me.

May the shadows clear,
and bring a new year.

May we live in peace
with kind words, and
choiring strings...

May my tears dry up,
and your addiction
be healed, so we
once again walk
together, with love
for one another.

By Janet Ford

More Heartbroken Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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