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What Is Love Poem
Love is Real..


Many days have passed away into night’s darkness
So many of them have come and gone
Left to stand along side this road of life
This journey‘s just beginning, nowhere near..
Its intended end…

My eyes were captured by your shy glance
My heart throbbed at that Southern yarn
As your words flowed so sweet and tender
Capturing my every sense of being…
This, a love to never end…

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“From this moment”, I was yours beyond forever
It was a song sang at our wedding…
Planned to guide our enduring passion forward
Into what is our life together, surviving past that status quo…
Two hearts entwined, endlessly…

Lost and conquered in the touch of loves grasp
Two, led to become one in harmonies song of life
Our music set aloft to blend in tune to nature’s rhythm
So easy and natural it has become…
Living in love’s quest …

So many times, I felt as if in a dream
To awaken, to us living that dream, standing
Peering through life’s portals in to forever’s garden
Where we vowed, to love until the day after forever…
Embraced in eternity…

“I could not ask for more”, many times I thought
What more could I want from our love
What more could I ask for, what else could there be
Another song, sang as vows were said on our day…
Stepping into love eternal…

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But I can ask for more…
I ask that the music never stops
That our dance shall never end..
In my arms I forever want to hold you
Slow dancing, into the depths of our eyes…

Its intended end
This, a love to never end
Two hearts entwined, endlessly
Living in love’s quest
Embraced in eternity
Stepping into love eternal
Slow dancing, into the depths of our eyes…
Until the day after forever…

I shall be in love with you…

My love for you is endless …
I know you know this,
But I love expressing to you the depth
Of who I am, how I love you
And that I never want to hear
This music, that is us, which we have wrote together
Ever stop…

*Our Time*
Shall always be
On the hearts
Of those
Who watched our dreams
Evolve into

Love is real…

By Soft Walker

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