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Thinking Of You Poems
I Am Thinking Of You


So many days have passed,

That I haven't seen or talked to you.


I guess I have to someday realize,

It will be awhile.

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Thinking of the times we had,

and the life you lived.


I know you are in Heaven, watching over me,

from the stars and the clouds above.


Sometimes I even see you smiling down from the sky,

Helping me stay strong.


And sometimes there are days, when you cry,

And you are singing Heaven's songs.

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It's so hard to think of you and not cry,

There are days I'm barely makin it by.


There are also days when your name makes me shine,

That's when I know your doing just fine.


Stay strong Chris

For I will too.


I will never stop thinking about you.


By Kim Clark

More Thinking Of You Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]


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