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Poems For Your Boyfriend
Boyfriend 101


Listen up, ladies,

this is going to be fun,

sit down, get comfortable,

for Boyfriends 101.

If you want your boyfriend to be loyal and true,

don't give him a reason to stray away from you.

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Be thoughtful, kind, supportive, and sweet,

take some time and make him a treat,

because...maybe if you do...

he might do the same for you.

Boys aren't evil, they're really quite nice,

and when you lose your heart,

they're worth the price.

Don't be jealous, and don't set traps,

don't be petty, don't give him crap...

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because if you give him a little trust,

(and in a relationship this is a MUST),

things might turn out really well,

or else they'll go straight to hell.

So, Ladies, if you're trying to get a man,

be friends with as many as you can,

because they'll teach you all you need to know,

and after that, O the places you'll go!


By VenusFlyTrap

More Poems For Your Boyfriend Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]  [ 5 ]  [ 6 ]  [ 7 ]


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