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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas


Learn to play her favorite
musical piece and surprise her.

Fill a whole room with helium heart
shaped balloons and invite her in.
pick out 1 with the words "I love you"

Paste "glow in the dark stars
and letters on your ceiling"
lie on the bed with her on the dark and
tell her "you light up my life"

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Fix a jigsaw puzzle together.
Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles From Your Own Photos

Form a scrapebook of your
love story together.

Prepare a room filled with helium balloons
with glitter inside and notes inside
citing reasons why you love him/her,
love coupons or little secrets
between the both of you only.

Leave a trail of "Hershey's chocolate kisses"
from the front door to the bedroom,
right up to the bed.
On the bed leave a note that reads
'I kiss the ground you walk on.'
Make sure you're not home when s/he gets in!

Send her flowers everyday
for the month of February until Valentine's Day.
Send Flowers to Her at

Give the gift of time (wristwatch) with this inscription:
"I'll always have time for you."

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Compose a list:
"101 Reasons Why I Love You"
Write each reason on a separate square of paper.
Wrap them in a fancy gift box.

Scatter rose petals all over the bed.

Hide a love note in his pants pocket.

Other places to hide a small note:
* under the pillow
* under a dinner plate
* in the refrigerator
* in her jewelry box
* in his shaving kit
* between the pages he/she is reading
* in the take-out box
* in the medicine cabinet


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