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Valentine Quotes


Valentine's day,
why not celebrate it?
It's the only day of the year
the world remembers to love.
The rest of the year
it's too busy hating.

Love is not always in the air
on Valentine's Day,
especially by spending time
in family law court.

Valentine’s Day is
when a lot of married men
are reminded what
a poor shot Cupid really is.

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Some women
don't need flowers,
candy, or candlelight dinners
on Valentine's Day.
Please be advised that
I am not one of them.

I got a
Valentine's Day card
from my girl.
It said, 'Take my heart!
Take my arms!
Take my lips!'
Which is just like her.
Keeping the best part
for herself.

This Valentine's Day
let's not spend a fortune
on gifts for each other...
But I know how
you hate to be
told what to do!

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Beloved, From this
Valentines Day forward,
I promise to stop talking
when you're reading
the newspaper
- if you'll stop reading it
at the dinner table.

My Cute Little Couch Potato,
I could sit and gaze at you
cuddled up in front
of the television all day.
But one of us
has to do the laundry.

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