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Girlfriend Quotes


But to see her
was to love her,
Love but her,
and love forever.

There are only three things
to be done with a woman.
You can love her,
suffer for her,
or turn her into literature.

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Girlfriend is the
most significant person
in a man's life.
So treasure all the sorrows
and treasure all the happiness also.
But above everything,
it's important that
a man treasures all memories
in his heart for ever.

I was about half in love with her
by the time we sat down.
That's the thing about girls.
Every time they do something pretty...
you fall half in love with them,
and then you never know
where the hell you are.

I must see her
and press her to my heart.
I love her
to the point of madness,
and I cannot continue
to be separated from her.
If she no longer loved me,
I would have
nothing left to do on earth.

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I shall love her all my life,
shall be to her
a faithful friend,
and if I cannot remain
loyal to both God and her
I shall renounce her
and never see her face again.
You call this folly;
to me it is a hard duty,
and the more I love her
the worthier of her
will I endevour to become
by my own integrity of soul.

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