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Goodbye Quotes


How lucky I am
to have something
that makes saying goodbye so hard.

Good-byes breed
a sort of distaste
for whomever
you say good-bye to;
this hurts, you feel,
this must not happen again

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Never say goodbye
when you still want to try.
never give up
when you still feel
that you can take it.
never say you
no longer love a person
when you can't let go..

You know that
you are in love
when the hardest thing
to do is say good-bye!!

A goodbye isn't painful
unless you're never going
to say hello again.

Why can't we get
all the people
together in the world
that we really like and
then just stay together?
I guess that wouldn't work.
Someone would leave.
Someone always leaves.
Then we would
have to say good-bye.
I hate good-byes.
I know what I need.
I need more hellos.

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Every goodbye makes
the next hello closer.

You and I will meet again,
When we're least expecting it,
One day in some far off place,
I will recognize your face,
I won't say goodbye my friend,
For you and I will meet again

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