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Heartbroken Quotes


The first time my heart was broken
I thought I was through;
I swore I'd never love again
and believe me this was true,
but when you walked into my life
the second your eyes met mine,
I knew you were worth loving,
just like before,
just like the first time.

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I want to be remembered
as the one who always smiles
even when her heart is broken,
And the one who would
always brighten up your day
Even when she couldn’t
brighten up her own

If you never get your heart broken,
you'll never learn to love.

You don't die of a broken heart,
you only wish you did.

"Love don't cost a thing"
except a lot of tears,
a broken heart,
and wasted years

If you love someone,
tell them...
for hearts are often broken by words
left unspoken.

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When you have loved unconditionally
one man and lost that love,
it leaves a wound that never heals,
a sad and broken heart, a void forever.

Love is strong yet delicate.
It can be broken.
To truly love is to understand this.
To be in love is to respect this.

How do you heal a broken heart?
I have no idea where to start
because everything
I do reminds me of you.

Life without you is like a broken pencil,
there is no point.

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