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Long Distance Relationship Quotes


When I miss you,
I don't have to go far ...
I just have to look inside my heart
because that's where I'll find you.

Distance is not the thing that makes us suffer,
it's missing someone that's
always in your mind that really makes you suffer.

Far in distance,
but near at heart,
you'll always be the
angel of my heart.

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Distance does not matter
if two hearts are loyal to one another.

Distance is a dagger
in the heart of two lovers.

Love is the shortest
distance between hearts.

Here in my heart,
that´s where you´ll be;
you´ll be with me,
here in my heart.
No distance can keep us apart,
long as you´re here in my heart.

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Love is a rollercoaster ride,
that never seems to end.
It has its up and downs.
Love is journey,
that has no end.

Love reckons hours for months,
and days for years;
and every little absence is an age.

I would rather spend one lifetime with you
- than face all the ages of this world alone.

You know it's true love when no
matter how far the distance is he can still make you smile.

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