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Emo Love Poems For A Girl
The Pain Inside


I`m sorry but no, my life is in shambles,

so I will never lead a productive life.


So quit trying to change me,

to open me up, in my mind there is always a strife.

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I can never feel love, just bitter despair,

my relationships always fall short.


I seem to bring trouble where ever I go,

many times I have been called into court.


When I seem to feel love, it never works out,

I discover soon that it was only a crush.


Girls get angry, and think that I played them,

so I smoke until my head starts to rush.

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They say if you cut, it makes the pain better,

and its not as hard for you to endure.


I think that is stupid, how could that help,

I think that would only cause more.


There is no way for me, to ignore all this pain,

just to put it into my rhymes.


I hope when you read these, you can feel my pain,

and understand all my hard times.


By Jonny Dee

More Emo Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]


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