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Emo Love Poems For A Boy


You can see it in my eyes,

the pain you've reaped upon my soul.

You took my very essence

and consumed my spirit whole.

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I've tried to break away,

but I'm restrained by all my fears.

Jealous, spiteful, bitter hate

conceals a million tears.


I stared at my reflection,

but I found it so appalling

the mirror finally shattered

and the pieces started falling.


I fought to void this anguish

that flourished deep inside of me.

I saw the lightning, heard the thunder;

watched them strike a weeping tree.

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But, still, I found no solace

in hope, and love, and dreams,

for every time I had been blessed,

it wasn't what it seemed.


And so my wrists shall drip me dry,

until my lips turn blue;

'til my corpse shall meet its grave

and I am rid of you.


By Shells Bells

More Emo Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]


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