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Poems About Family Love
My Family


A poem I have written.
For all off you to see,
The love I hold for you,
How much you mean to me.

I came into this world,
A babe who you adored,
You showered me with love,
Who could ask for more.

Then I started growing,
From babe to child I turned,
And you where always there,
Through every thing I learned.

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My Mother and my Father,
Can hold their heads up high,
They saw me through my young days,
Nursed me when I cried.

My Brother and my Sister,
I love you both so much,
We've had our ups and downs,
But never have lost touch,

All my Aunts and Uncles,
I hold you very dear,
I love you one and all,
And those no longer here.

My Cousins and your families,
Though we are not so close,
My heart will always feel you,
Deep down where love is most.

My Nephews and my Nieces,
I cherish your all sweet,
I love these little angels,
Each one is so unique.

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My Wife and my three children,
Your what makes me a man,
I'm so proud of all of you,
You're the reason who I am.

See from a child I grew,
I had my ups and downs,
It's not always be easy,
But rarely is if found.

I struggled like the best,
And sometimes got it wrong,
I day dreamed with my wishes,
But saw where I went wrong.

It is not what we have,
That makes us who we are,
A house with lot's of money,
The super flashy car.

I found what make us precious,
To feel the way we do,
It's the love I hold inside me,
For every one of you.

By B Kingsford

More Poems About Family Love Page  [ 1 ]


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