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Mother Poems
Thats Life


I was blessed with three children
loving and warm
life got better
when each one was born

They filled my life
with love and joy
my two lovely girls
and my darling boy

They captured my heart
right from the start.

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From their wee little faces
to the tips of their toes
a glorious love
only a mother knows

The first tooth
the first crawl
the first step
the first fall

Yes my darlings
I was there for it all.

The barbie dolls
and little toy cars
the games you learned to play
the lovely cards and flowers
received on Mothers Day

The little spats and bruises
the tears and laughter too
learning your ABC's
and your first day at school

Yes my darlings
I was there for you.

Your first car
your first date
your first job
and more

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Yes my darlings
I've been through it all.

Precious memories of yesteryear
are treasures that we all hold dear
there were tears of joy
and tears of pain
but look at all
that I have gained

Three wonderful children
now fully grown
raising families
of their own

Still giving me
love and joy
a grandma of three girls
and three boys.

So as you travel
down the path of life
with your husbands
and your wife

I pray that God bless all of you
and you'll have precious memories too

I wish you good health
and much happiness
lots of joy and tenderness

But most of all
I wish you love.

More Mother Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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