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First Love Quotes


First romance, first love,
is something so special to all of us,
both emotionally and physically,
that it touches our lives
and enriches them forever.

First love is a kind of vaccination
which saves a man from catching
the complaint the second time.

We always believe
our first love is our last,
and our last love our first.

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The magic of first love is our
ignorance that it can never end.

First love is dangerous
only when it is also the last.

The mark of a true crush,
Is that you fall in love first,
And grope for
reasons afterward.

I may not be your first,
but to be your last
would be perfect!

The first great step is to
like yourself enough to
pick someone who likes you too.

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We don't believe in rheumatism
and true love until after the first attack.

The only true love is love at first sight;
second sight dispels it.

You never forget
your first true love.
Either the scars
they left behind stay there forever,
or your heart never
beats the same way again.

In her first passion,
a woman loves her lover,
in all the others
all she loves is love

First love is a little foolish
and a lot of curiosity.

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