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Friend Love Quotes


Love is friendship set on fire

A friend will tell you
she saw your old boyfriend
- and he's a priest.

Good bye, proud world!
I'm going home;
Thou art not my friend,
and I'm not thine

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Friendship is only lost once
you have the courage to let it go.

I can live without any friends,
any family and any money
but I can't live without you.

This is my beloved
and this is my friend.

Love is when you find
someone who is your best friend
and you can be yourself around them.
Its when words can't come
close to how you feel.
Its when you know you
are suposed to be together.
And if you have to wait forever ...
You Will

It's one thing to turn
a friend into a lover,
but it's completely different
to try to turn a lover into a friend.

Between men and women
there is no friendship possible.
There is passion, enmity,
worship, love, but no friendship.

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There are no such things as strangers,
only friends we haven't met yet.

Meeting you was fate,
becoming your friend was a choice,
falling in love with you was beyond my control.

True friendship is devotion
serving each other identifying one self
with others sufferings just forgetting ones own wishes,
own priorities and own body etc.
and this makes the friendship tie so sacred

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