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Funny Love Poems For Him
A Man Cure?


Passing by a manicure shop

My daughter and I decided to stop

For missing an "i" the sign read

Man cure, "Let's go", I said.

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"There is no cure", she replied to me

They live in a state of "man"tasy

And for all their lies and ruses

Are a million and one "man"scuses.


"Man"tasy football grabs their minds

A real "good" one is hard to find

"Man"crastinating their days away

They'd rather see the Buckeyes play.


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Ro"man"tic is a real misnomer

They'd rather watch Bonds hit another homer.

My questions all get a "man"swer it seems

I've given up finding the one of my dreams


"Just "man"tastic" I said with a sigh

"There is no cure, that sign's a lie."

More Funny Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]


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