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Miss You Poems
Lost in Love


It’s been a cold and hard month and a half,
Things are so different and I don’t understand.
We had a love that could last us forever,
I thought that we would part from each other, never.

But things can change and the feelings can too,
So I just hope that one day you become unglued.
I lie here all night just whispering your name,
Thinking you might hear me, and fix all this pain.

When you love someone you have to let them go
It’s going to be pain, it’s going to hurt, I know
But you just have to smile and give them the benefit of the doubt
Because one night they will miss you and realize that he can’t live without

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I’ve loved you since I met you, I always have and always will.
So when you tell me how you feel, to you, my heart, I will spill.
It’s bundled up now and it’s causing me grief.
But what’s a girl supposed to do, just sit there and believe?

It was love at first site, and my feelings for you grew,
I knew that if I was with you, to nobody else could I be so true.
You made my heart flutter, you made my world spin,
The way you held me and touched my skin.

There’s not a soul like yours, not a person as unique,
You’re perfect, you’re amazing, it makes my knees weak.
So as I lie here in pain and wonder what I did so wrong,
I think to myself that I can do this, I can be strong.

But guys don’t understand, it’s not as easy as it seems,
Because when I go to sleep at night, it’s you whose in my dreams.
You made my life complete, turned my world upside down,
With you in my life, my face never has a frown.

Girls emotions are strong, they don’t draw a line,
And when you walked into my life, you wouldn’t believe how you shined.
My heart was fluttered and my emotions went insane,
I knew that you were the guy who would never cause me pain.

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I fell in love with you, your voice, your touch,
I knew from the beginning that I would love you so much.
Your smile brightened my day and your hugs were all that I felt,
With the love that we had for each other, my heart started to melt.

Your sweet kisses and love notes made my day complete,
I loved you even more then before the previous heart beat.
You make my world shine and it glows when I’m down,
Just because there’s a person in my life like you, that I have found.

But now that we’ve parted and gone our own ways,
Who do I turn to on all of my bad days?
My life was complete, it was the best thing ever,
I knew that I’d fallen in love and that it’d last forever.

So the question remains, where did I go so wrong?
I could sit here all night, and just play along.
But I don’t want to leave you, I want to stay with you now,
All that I want is one more chance to prove to you some how.

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