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Good Love Poems
Love Is Like Candy


Love is like a piece of candy.
In some ways, it is like chocolate,
all soft , chewy, and sweet..

Then there is ribbon candy,
which is so colorful, and pretty,
just lying there, in the candy dish,
saying hey, 'come grab a piece'.

There are the famous mound bars,
a fresh coconut taste inside,
that offer us, a sheer taste, of new delight.

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There are the reeces peanut butter cups,
all filled up, with creamy peanut butter,
and chocolate.

There are the wonderful pecan-clusters,
all gooey, and richly filled with caramel,
and peanuts too.

And of course we cannot forget,
those chocolate covered cherries,
that are so full of creamy, sticky, liquid syrup,
and a bright red cherry, inside.

There are many types of candy,
that so resemble our different,
moods of love.

You may ask yourself, but how is candy,
anything like love.
Well,they are all rich and creamy.
They are soft, and sometimes sticky.
Sometimes, they are hard to chew, too.

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Sometimes love is kinda crazy,
just like a peanut,
and it seems to act like one too.
You can munch and crunch on it for a long time,
and still have it stick to your teeth,
not getting anywhere with it, at all.

The caramel candies, are the most fun,
cause they certainly remind us of, our love.
They stick to the roof of our mouths,
so we can't speak for awhile,
or get any words out, at all, to even smile.
We just keep rolling, and tossing it around,
not sure what to do with it, as it's glued to our lips.

So next time you're at the grocery store,
be sure and pick-up, your favorite brand of candy,
depending on the mood you're in.
It' sure to give you a grin,
or something, for sure...

By Shirley Shaw

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