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Romance Poems
A Fairy Tale Romance


When first I seen the love light in your eyes,

it became more than just a slight flirtation.

It ignited a flame from within my heart,

and burned in my imagination.

And when you spoke,

the sound of your voice was so soft and sweet.

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I knew from that moment on,

that you and I would have to meet.

And then our romance was off to a start.

You not only captured my imagination,

but you captured my heart.

We dined with low lights,

soft music, and romance in the air.

I languished in your beauty

and couldn't help but stare.

And then that night, that God sent night,

that made you apart of me, and I apart of you!

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That was the night, our special night;

we made love the whole night through.

And ever since that day we met by chance.

Our love has become a Fairy Tale Romance

I became your Knight in Shinning Armour, and you my Lady Fair.

And we vowed until the end of forever, our lives together we will share.


By Don Eagle

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