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Great Love Poems
A Great Love


i've never thought that i could
ever find that one person for me.
i haven't been looking until now,
but i've found the one for me.
i've never felt the way i do with you.
you've sat through so much,
with me and your still around.
i want to take things slow,
i want us to be perfect.

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i want the family thing,
the coming home from work
and cooking dinner,
cleaning up after the kids,
and taking them to soccer practice.
i want a family with you and only you.
i care for you so much
in a way that you'll never know.
i want to apoligize
for all the pain i've caused you,
i may not of ever noticed the pain
i caused, but i'm so sorry
and i thank you for being there for eveything.
i believe that you can have many loves,
but you can have only one soulmate.
and i believe your my soulmate.

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i would never cause you pain,
i just want you to know
that i care for you in a way
that you'll never understand.
i'm not going to say that i love you,
because i want to take
things slow and make it
last forever....

By raindroplove

More Great Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]


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