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Quotes About Love And Heartbreak


I cry because I know
he doesn't feel the way I do.
I cry because I think
of how pathetic I am,
and I cry because I think
I'll be crying forever.

Hope is the building block on
which we base our dreams.
Love is the bulldozer
that tears it down

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To fall in love
is awfully simple,
but to fall out of love
is simply awful.

You made me cry...
You tore me apart..
You left me in tears..
You've shattered my heart..
It wasn't your fault..
I guess it was me..
for love can't be forced..
Perhaps we weren't meant to be..
It still doesn't help..
now that i know..
Because for some reason..
my heart won't let go..
I've tried more than once..
to get over you..

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No matter how much
it'll hurt me to see you,
my most loved lost one,
all that I wish is look
into your eyes once again.

Love is when you
can't stop looking at him,
even if he'll never look back

Time goes by,
life goes on,
and all I can think of
is why you're gone.

Real tears are not those that fall
from the eyes and cover the face,
but those that fall from the heart
and cover the soul.

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