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Quotes For Loved Ones


If I am pressed to say
why I loved him,
I feel it can only be
explained by replying:
"Because it was he;
because it was me."

It is far better
to have loved and lost,
than to have
never loved at all

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To love means to commit
oneself without guarantee,
to give oneself
completely in the hope
that our love will produce love
in the loved person.

If you want to be loved,
be lovable.

If only you knew she loved you,
you could face the uncertainty
of whether you love her.

When I saw you
I liked you,
when I liked you
I loved you,
when I loved you
I lost you.

It is a beautiful trait
in the lovers character,
that they think no evil
of the object loved.

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When I lost you,
both of us lose
Me because you were the one
I loved the most
You because I was the one
who loved you the most
But from the two of u
s the one who lost more was you
Cause I'll be able to love others
the way I loved you
But no one will love you the way I did

A baby is born with a need to be loved
- and never outgrows it.

To love and be loved is to
feel the sun from both sides.

More Quotes For Loved Ones Page  [ 1 ]


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