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Love Poems For Husband
For My Husband


Standing there as my teardrops fell
Today I made a wish at the wishing well
I wished that you could come back to me
I thought how wonderful that would be
I wonder will your spirit come and visit me
It would have been our wedding Anniversary
Tonight I`m sitting here once again all alone
A few years ago, Jesus called you home

I`ve been so depressed and so lonely
I wish your spirit could come to visit me
I`m sitting here listening to our favorite song
I remember how you use to sing along
We met so young and knew from the start
That we loved each other with all our heart
We were sweethearts for 6 years, Before we wed
Then on that beautiful July day our I do`s was said

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Our wedding day, We became husband and wife
From that day on we have shared a wonderful life
Had a beautiful family, One daughter, One son
Grandchildren too, Together we had lots of fun
We shared much laughter, We shared tears
Shared our joy and Shared all of our fears
When one was hurting the other hurt too
I loved sharing so much of my life with you

Now I sit and cry at times, I still miss you so
I know you did`nt want to leave, You had to go
But I just wish you could visit here tonight
Even if it`s just your spirit,That would be all right
We were so close I`d know that you are here
I could feel your touch, And I`d have no fear
I miss you so much, I`d love for you to visit me
It would have been our 42nd Wedding Anniversary

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So as I saw the wishing well I had to stop by
It brought beautiful memories of you and I
The wishes we made the dreams come true
The wish I had once made to be married to you
It brought back memories of many years ago
You made that wish come true, I loved you so
Today I stopped and wished for you to be
With me tonight in spirit on this anniversary

I never stopped loving you, I thank God above
For the wonderful years I shared your love
As I saw the wishing well, I made a wish
That just one more time I could feel your kiss
One more time you could hold me tight
I wish my wish would come true tonight
I know wishes and dreams do come true
I was granted the wish to be loved by you

By Libra

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