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What is the Difference
Between Mother & Wife ?
A – One Woman Brings
U into this world crying…
& the other ensures
U Continue to do so.


CNN News Flash.
The US Govt orders 15,000 FBI
trained dogs to track down Osama.
FBI awaiting further orders as
one of the dogs is reading this.


A New Added element to the Periodic Table.

Element Name:GIRL

Symbol: G

Atomic Weight:dont even dare to ask :-D

Physical Properties..
*boils at anything
*can freeze at anytime
*melts if handled wid love n care
*very bitter if mis handled

Chemical Properties.
*very reactive
*highly unstable
*posses strong affinity for gold n silver
*money reducing agent
*volatile when left alone


It takes 15 trees to
produce the amount
of paper that we
use to write one exam.

join us in promoting the noble
cause of saving trees.


If today any 1 talks praises u 4 ur
1) good looks
2 ) nature
3 ) style
4 ) attitude,
kick them off.
How dare they fool u before april 1st.



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