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Lonely Poems
Today I Felt Loneliness


Today I felt a loneliness
I felt it deep down in my soul
I wonder how many others felt it
So I got my pen and paper
To sort out this feeling down in my soul

Friends I once knew
Are far and gone today
Even loved ones are so distant
No a call or a card comes my way
As if I don't exist anymore in their lives

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I sit and wonder have I cause this loneliness?
Have I distant myself and lost them?
Did I tried hard enough to keep in touch?
Or this is part of growing old?

Sometimes I welcome this loneliness
But many times brings tears to my eyes
Where once there was hugs and laughter
Today a quietness and sadness surrounds me

Whatever the reason
Whatever the time
I must see this time of loneliness
As a part of my journey in this life

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I must embrace the place I find myself in
And keep in mind that others too
Are going thru their loneliness
With no one to shared it with

I know deep in my heart
That I will come to the other side
A better person, fill with compassion
For I too can say today
I know what loneliness is all about

By Rican54

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