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Quotes About Being Lonely


Absence makes
the heart grow fonder,
but it sure makes
the rest of you lonely.

Now that I have loved
so purely and deeply,
I have realized how lonely I really am.

Elitism - It's lonely at the top.
But it's comforting to look down
upon everyone at the bottom.

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Sometimes in love
you must accept the fact
that what makes the person
you cared about happy
might on the other hand
leave you so lonely.

Friends will keep you sane,
Love could fill your heart,
A lover can warm your bed,
But lonely is the soul
without a mate.

What is the
opposite of two?
A lonely me, a lonely you.

Success is as
ice cold and lonely
as the North Pole.

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I think God leaves me alone
to let me find my own strength
because no one else
can give it to me.
Sometimes it is very lonely.
But I know the lonely times
teach me the most.
I must let go in order
to let anything in.
No one can love me, for me.
Take a big walk
protected in the trees.
I miss the time before today.

In the lonely light of morning,
in a world that would not heal,
it's the bitter taste
of losing everything
that I've held so dear

More Lonely Quotes Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]


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