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Distance Love Poems
Thinking of You Far Away


Thinking of you today what great joy you bring,

You're so beautiful like a fresh Tulip in spring.

Oh What warmth you bring my heart,

Miss you so much when we are apart.


I think of you every night and day,

Would like to be with you now if there was a way!

Oh how my heart aches when I cannot see you,

Tears roll down my cheeks like morning dew.

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Winter has passed and spring has arrived,

Two months of your LOVE have I been deprived.

Missing your presence in every way,

I LOVE YOU so much what more can I say.


Though these days our eyes do not meet,

Thinking of you still makes my heart beat.

Far you may be like a lost fallen feather,

But close are our heats will always be together.


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Times are hard now but soon it will pass,

Then I will be able to see you again at last.

Everything then will be as smooth as butter,

You and I will have our "Happily ever after!"


Thinking of you what great joy you bring,

your smile like the warm sunshine in spring.

More Distance Love Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]  [ 4 ]  [ 5 ]


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