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Lost Love Quotes


Time will make you forget me
but time will make me
love you more than before.

My heart longs for you,
my soul dies for you,
my eyes cry for you,
my empty arms reach out for you.

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Forget the times
he walked by,
Forget the times
he made you cry,
Forget the times
he spoke your name,
Remember now
your not the same.
Forget the times
he held your hand,
Forget the
sweet things if you can,
Forget the times
& Don't pretend,
Remember now
he's just your friend.

I had a dream
and it was about you ...
I smiled and recalled the memories we had ...
then I noticed a tear fell from my eyes ...
you know why?
Coz in my dream you kissed me
and said goodbye ...

The way to love anything is to realize
that it might be lost.

Sometimes in love you must accept the fact that
what makes the person you cared about happy
might on the other hand leave you so lonely.

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Never say goodbye
when you still want to try. 
Never give up
when you still feel that you can take it. 
Never say you no longer love a person
when you can't let go..

Love can be trying
and hard to accomplish but
when you have love
always hold it close to your heart
because you never know
when you have to let it go.

Its hard to tell your mind to stop loving
someone if your heart still does.

Sometimes it's hard to love someone
because you're so afraid of losing them

I know in reality we can't be together,
so I just close my eyes and you're right here with me...
in my dreams you're mine forever.

I was reborn when you first kissed me.
Part of me died when you left me.
But now I still live,
waiting for the day you return to me.

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