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Love Poems For Him From The Heart
Truely Love You


Just when did it begin?
When did those first tentative sparks
kindle into this passionate flame?
It is as if you came upon me suddenly,
without warning, and turned my heart upside down
Causing my world as I knew it to alter into something...
Two hearts began to fall in step with one another
In a dance where the movements
seem perfectly choreographed in sync, fluid

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Yet, I could hardly take you in at first,
so drawn to you, but fragile
Caught up shyly in your sweet words
Responding breathlessly
to the unaccustomed sentiments
The virgin blossoming within
the hands of an exquisite lover,
as with gentle tenderness,
opening the petals of this flower,
peeling them back, one by one,
until you reached its core
Until I wished to pull you into me,
wrap myself about you
and, never let you go

Oh, those blissful days of ecstasy
When every thought, every word
was infused with arousal
Intense and hot, consuming the body and soul
With desire so fervent, so penetrating that the mind could
think only of being as one

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Just when did it begin?
When did those frenzied feelings of infatuation
unfold into something...more?
Something tangible, eternal
So that the lover becomes loved
Their well-being more vital
than our own

Yes, there came a moment when this ecstatic heart
began to beat with an unfamiliar, yet steady rhythm
And, it was then that I knew...

That I truly love you

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