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Love Me Poems
Do You Love Me


I gave myself to you completely

My heart, mind, body and soul


Is this love or is this lust

Did I make you feel whole

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Do you love me as much as you say

Or is it lust for pleasures of your mind


You're pulling me into your soul

Is this true love or am I blind


In complete desire I gave you my all

As you pulled me into your soul


My heartstrings you pull each day

Lost in you I give you control

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My soul and mind you blow so high

With things you make me say and do


Like a butterfly I am caught in a web

As hard as I try I cannot escape you


I reach out to the bottom of my heart

Searching deep in the depth of my soul


My feelings I no longer wish to hide

I surrender to you myself whole


By Maria Vecchio Artistry

More Love Me Poems Page  [ 1 ]  [ 2 ]  [ 3 ]


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