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Short Love Poems For Him
Sweet Addiction


7am my alarm sounds its morning chime,

I awake with your words still echoing in my mind,

the sound of your contagious laughter

and that gorgeous voice you possess,

sends my body into shivers,

leaves me longing for a kiss.

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I can never get enough of hearing your sexy voice,

I'd hear it for forever if it was my choice,

I sit here and think all day

about the words I've heard you say.

The way you make me feel,

so alive, so wonderful, so real.

I hope these feelings will never fade away,

that they only get stronger day by day.

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You are my sweet addiction that sets my soul on fire,

your everything I think of,

wish for and desire.

This is for my wonderful boyfriend Ryan

I love you with all my heart

and i hope what we have only gets stronger

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