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My Little Mouse Geek Part 1

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It was a very calm and beautiful day as I sat on the bench and admired the Almighty's wonderful handiwork around me. I took in a breath of the refreshing breeze and smiled as a memory flashed by my mind. It was at around this exact time and day that I met the most interesting woman I could've ever imagined.


That particular day, I was tasked to fetch a family friend of ours from the train station. I went with much reluctance as my mom wouldn't stop nagging at me to remember to carry out the task. However, when I arrived at the train station, I realized something vital. I was so eager to escape my mom's world famous nagging that I had left the house without so much an idea of who I was to fetch or how he or she looks like! I was pondering about what I should do to solve the problem when I heard the train hooting as if announcing its arrival. I felt for my mobile phone in my pockets and that was when I realized that I had left it at home since the battery was drained.

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“How stupid is that?! I'm such a loser!” I told myself as the train finally made its stop. “Talk about moronic!”

As a result, I stood in front of the train doors like a fool, waiting to fetch my family friend without any clue who he or she is. The passengers emerged from the train as the doors opened. I stood there looking confused and unsure of what to do. I was silently hoping that my family friend will identify me when suddenly, someone bumped into me. The impact caught us both off balance. We fell and the person landed on top of me.

"Oh no!" A voice squeaked.
It sounded feminine and when I looked up, I confirmed it. She was a female... probably.

I wasn't prepared for the sight that greeted me. This lady - well, she is wearing a skirt, was far from being ladylike. She looked more like a mouse with her out of fashion sweater and cardigan paired up with an ankle-length brown skirt. Her untamed hair was braided up but it was somehow useless as there were stray stands everywhere and some were even standing on their ends. She was wearing a pair of glasses that had thick lenses and rims on a black colored frame. It magnified her eyes to ten times their original size. She looked more like a mouse than a human being.

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We got up and I noticed she started looking around and moving about. It didn't look like she felt my presence.

"Oh no!" She squeaked once more.
"It's really gone!"
"Did you lose something?" I asked.

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