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Only Love - The song "Only Love" brings great meaning for all of us. For one woman, it is also the source of heartache. Read about it here.

Roses - "Till death do us part." See how roses manage to bridge the gap between the living and the dead for a sweet old couple.

Gift of Love - The greatest gift you can ever give a person is love. See how a husband manages to do it even under all circumstances.

White Lies - Have you ever told a white lie to someone you love? Sometimes white lies can cause a lifetime of pain and anguish for both parties.

Learning to Love - This story depicts how the simplest act is actually the most romantic of them all.

100 Days Of Love - A love story where a cute little game of love goes horribly wrong.

You Are That Guy - Sweet commentary from a woman about the guy in her life. Guaranteed to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling after reading it.

My Little Mouse Geek - Cute story about how a guy falls for a girl that looks like a geeky little mouse and how fate brings them together.

The "Hate" Letter - Out of ideas on how to write a love letter to someone you love? How about trying this smart and sweet way of writing a love letter.


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