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Short Love Stories


Love Stories


The Biker - This short but sad story about how a biker makes his choice for love will leave everybody touched.

The Soldier - A story that is widely circulated online and rumoured to be true. Teaches us how to learn more about the character of a man.

Tree, Leaf and Wind - Poetic story with many meanings behind it depending how you interpret it. Inspired by Mr Brown Blog.

There is Always a Silver Lining - Real life story about how there is always a silver lining in life no matter how bad things seem to be.

Crush - Story about how we should always tell people we love about how we feel about them or face regrets forever.

Love in a Lifetime - Educational story on how we can find the love of our lives.

Bitter Love - This tagalog story shows us that in a relationship, there’s no point in hanging on if all you feel is bitterness. Sometimes, we have to accept the fact that it’s over and move on with life.

The Love Letter - Lovely story about how a love letter went terribly wrong.

Love Remains - Sad story about how love remains after a loved one no longer exist in this world.


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