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Romantic Poems For Her
The Road


Driving through the desert
White sand - distant mountains
Just my thoughts and
Smooth romantic jazz i hear

Amazed by the beauty
Of g-d's creation
I open the window
Take in the crisp dawn air

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A beautiful day begins

Sun rising in the east
White sand becomes
Sparkling diamonds
Turn to fire

My mind quickly
Wanders to my hearts desire

I am one
Where there should be two

I am alone
When i should be with you

How sad
A feeling that is
Being half
Instead of whole

The fantasy began
I was traveling to you
Across the land

The music changed
New rhythms
A new band

We are walking
Hand in hand
On a beach

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Wading through
Cool waters
The waves came within reach

We gazed
At the rising sun
Embracing in the warmth
Of it's ray

We kiss
Suddenly the sound of horns
Takes you away
Takes me to the day

Eternal lovers
We meet within
The confines of my mind
Fantasy or dream
Through these times

Eternal lovers
We shall remain
Even when
That day reality shines

Now at home
Resting from a long drive
Writing about our meeting
That way

No earthly power
Can take what g-d has given
We are lovers forever
Every-night and every-day

You are here
Within me !

By Martin Lawrence Schneider

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