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Teenage Love Quotes


Love is like a fire.
Whether it is going
to warm your hearth
or burn your house down, you'll never know

A member of the opposite sex
in your acquaintance who has some flaw
which makes sleeping with
him/her totally unappealing.

When you love someone,
all your saved-up wishes start coming out.

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A Friend's Love says:
" If you ever need anything,
I'll be there."
True Love says:
" You'll never need anything;
I'll be there."

The best things in life
can never be kept;
They must be given away.
A Smile, a Kiss, and Love

A term used to describe a woman
who has the morals of a man.

Some people come into our lives,
Leave footprints in our hearts,
And we are never ever the same.

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Love: a temporary insanity,
curable by marriage...

A kiss is a lovely trick designed
by nature to stop speech
when words become superfluous.

Romantic love is an illusion.
Most of us discover this
truth at the end of a love affair
or else when the sweet emotions of love
lead us into marriage
and then turn down their flames.

There is always some madness in love.
But there is also always some reason in madness.

Love is hard work;
and hard work sometimes hurts!. 

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