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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him


Buy him a new tie, cufflinks, shirt or suit. Get him gifts from an expensive brand as guys love power and pride more then anything else.

Plan a getaway trip for the both of you on Valentine's Day. Make it some exotic destination where both of you can enjoy each other's company only and nothing else. Excellent Ideas will be Hawaii, or some island resorts.

Which guy doesn't like gadgets? Buy him the latest handphone, game console(at your own risk), Music players , Laptop he has been eying for a long time but not willling to buy because of the hefty price tag.

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Who says diamonds are only for ladies. Get your guy a piece of earring, bracelet or ring with diamonds on it to add a metrosexual feeling to him.
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Every guy loves cars. Especially fast cars. However, we are not asking you to but a new car for him. Buy car accessories for him such as installation of a modern Hi-Fi system into his car or other cool modifications or accessories.

(Only for the open-minded) Plan a surprise for him. Invite a female friend(a open minded one) or someone you can hire to join in for a rowdy threesome for a extraordinary night.
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(Only for the open-minded) Wrap yourself in a box wearing sexy lingerie and call him to go your house to find his sexiest Valentine's Day present.

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Guys like personalised gifts as much as girls do but only on masculine products like lighters, car keychains, money clips, wallets. Better still get the items to be in shiny silver.
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The way to a guy is through his stomach. cook him a sumptuous dinner of his favourite food and enjoy it under a candlelight dinner. If you don't know how to cook, Learn! He'll certainly appreciate it. It is also definitely cheaper eating out on a Valentine's Day.

Buy perfume for him to makehelp him smell and feel better. A nice soothing perfume can add to his masculinity as well as his sexiness.


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