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Break Up Quotes


If You Really Love
Something Set It Free.
If It Comes Back It's Yours,
If Not It Wasn't Meant To Be

The hardest part of loving someone
is knowing when to let go,
and knowing when to say goodbye.

I hate to see the one
I love happy with somebody
but I surely hate it more to see
the one I love unhappy with me...

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I dont miss him,
I miss who I thought he was

Never be sad for what is over,
just be glad that it was once yours.

The hottest love has the coldest end.

I could never regret loving you
because even if you didn't love me anymore,
I know that you once did
and that is the most wonderful feeling
because I never though
t that I deserved your love.

We were like Romeo and Juliet.
I thought we'd do anything for each other.
But Romeo didn't break Juliet's heart.

As I sat here I was trying
to think of all the times
you hurt me and made me cry. . .
Hoping and wishing
it would make me like you less.
But it didn't.
Because all the times I could
remember were the ones
when you showed me that you cared. . .
I didn't want to believe that you ever did

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You walk by me everyday and say hello.
Everyday you take time out to listen to me.
You talk to me, smile at me, laugh with me,
and have fun with me.
Well, I talk, smile and laugh too,
but inside I'm hurting.
Deep down it hurts to be with you because
I love you and you are only a friend.

One day you'll ask me,
"which is more important to you, me or your life" 
I'll say, "My life" and you'll go
and leave me
without knowing that you are my life... 

It takes a couple seconds to say Hello,
but forever to say Goodbye.

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