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Waiting For Love Quotes


Good things comes
to those that wait,
but better things come
to those who are patient

Today I want to tell you
that You are the one
I waited for my life,
will You be valentine.

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When it comes to
affairs of love and hurt,
you have to wait for your heart
to learn what your
head already knows,
then You can break free

The one who loves, waits.

Would you be my angel
to have and to hold?
Would you be my rose
to cherish more than gold?
I love you so much.
I wish you were mine,
but all I can do is
wait till that time.

I know I can't be there, Baby,
it's alright, I'll be waiting for you tonight.
I pray that you'll be there,
when I close my eyes,
meet me in my dreams tonight.

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Every single person in this
world waits for love in their life.
Some people say
love didn't come to them
but it was right in front of their eyes.
Some people wait
a lifetiime for true love,
I should know,
I'm still waiting for my true love.

If you Love me let me know
If you don't please let me go.
Cuz I don't wanna waste another day
waiting for things you'll never say

Lonely men
seek companionship.
Lonely women
sit at home and wait.
They never meet.

More Waiting For Love Quotes Page  [ 1 ]


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