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Confused Love Quotes


Hatred paralyzes life;
love releases it.
Hatred confuses life;
love harmonizes it.
Hatred darkens life;
love illumines it.

How can I lose something
that I never had?

I don't know what to do
now that we're apart;
I don't know how to live
without the other half of my heart.

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You can never control
who you fall in love with,
even when you're in the most sad,
confused time of your life, ...
You don't fall in love with
people because they're fun.
It just happens.

Love is so confusing
- you tell a girl
she looks great and
what's the first thing you do?
Turn out the lights!

At the end of the day,
the key to true love is chemistry,
and that means attraction,
shared values, common interests
and substance.
People who fall out of love
in a matter of months probably
had no idea who the
other person was from the start.
They confused love with lust.

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Your intellect
may be confused,
but your emotions
will never lie to you.

Love is when two people
who care for each other
get confused

The good want power,
but to weep barren tears.
The powerful goodness want:
worse need for them.
The wise want love;
and those who love want wisdom;
And all good things
are thus confused with ill.

Love makes
life so confusing,
but would you want
to live without it?

More Confused Love Quotes Page  [ 1 ]


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